A video compilation from 2017

It was only in October this year that I launched the Breast Cancer Art Project. I didn’t know if it was a concept that would take off, if I would get much interest. Yet here I am on New Year’s Eve, looking back at the incredible work that has been submitted. So far 20 women have contributed paintings, poems, drawings, non-fiction, and other art forms that I wouldn’t have thought of. I’ve been blown over and reduced to tears, and brought to smiles. Some are from professional artists, others are from women who have not picked up their pencil or brushes for decades.  Yet every single piece touches me, because I know – more or less – what you have been through, and your expression of your experience is so beautiful, and often raw. I’m so proud to have your work on this website, and I hope it continues thriving into 2018.

To celebrate 2017, I have put together a 3 min video to share our work to date – unfortunately it’s not the right platform for the poetry, but all your names are mentioned in the credits.

Thank you once again for those who have submitted something, and thank you all those who follow our experiences with us through this project.


Adriana (Project Founder)

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