The Breast Cancer Art Project is primarily an on-line platform, however, we have also held physical exhibitions of some of the artwork. Seeing the arts in person in the original medium brings an extra level of connection and brings the work to other people who might not otherwise have engaged. We are open to exhibition collaborations – please email Adriana Ford at breastcancerartproject@gmail.com to discuss.

To date, we have held the following exhibitions:

October 2018: Breast Cancer Art Project Exhibition, University of Maraguez, Puerto Rico. Curator- Susan Olivera

February 2019: Cambridge Pink Week Breast Cancer Art Exhibition, University of Cambridge. Curator: Miranda Nicholson

April 2019: Shifting Self-Identities|Unheard Cancer Voices, Tate Modern (Tate Exchange). Curator: Caroline Leek, Fruit Fly Collective.

June 2019: Shifting Self-Identities|Unheard Cancer Voices – Creativity and Wellbeing Week, Manor House, London. Curator: Caroline Leek, Fruit Fly Collective.

October 2022: Breast Cancer and MeUniversity of Nottingham. Curator: Carol Pairaudeau, Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre



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