Joie de vivre #1

by Sue Olivera (Puerto Rico)

As some of you may know, I have contributed various works of art here in this amazing platform. During the year 2021 I added photography to my skillset, I’m far from an expert but I decided to do a series of portraits of Breast CA survivors and patients on active treatment and this is the first image I wish to share with you today… I called it “Joie de vivre #1” because I have another piece with that same title.

My subject is Ambar Robles from Yauco, Puerto Rico and at the time of this shooting she was receiving treatment and to the best of my knowledge she’s doing fine. In this image taken with a medium format film camera (yes, film) she’s playing with the concept of wearing or not wearing a wig, which is something most of us have thought about…

Do tell us in your comments what do you think,



Como algunas de ustedes saben, he contibuído con varios de mis trabajos artísticos en esta maravillosa plataforma. Durante el año 2021 añadí la fotografía a mi y les presento a Ambar Robles de Yauco, Puerto Rico. en esta imagen titulada “La alegría de vivir #1” Ambar juega con el concepto de llevar o no una peluca, algo que muchas nos hemos preguntado…

Les invito a que comenten que piensan de esta imagen,




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