Web of Life

By Barbara Price (UK)

Oil, 36x36ins

I had breast cancer 10 years ago and as an artist  I painted my way through it and did a visual diary of 115 watercolours from day after diagnosis (see some of them here)! I sold a few and donated £250 to breast cancer research. I even had my story about my visual diary published in the artist and illustrator magazine. It was painting that kept me going and my therapy. I have painted my way through many bad times and now post and reel my work on social media. I was lucky to be caught early with a mammogram and after lumpectomy and radiotherapy I am still here 10 years later! I hope this will inspire others to try painting as therapy as I don’t know what I would do without it. 

Unfortunately I have lost both my husband and my mother over lockdown within 6 months of each other and I am now using art as my therapy again and paintings are flowing out of me.

Web of Life is a view of life after cancer. It changes your whole outlook on life and I absorb and appreciate every colour that surrounds me. Based on the structure of a cobweb dividing up the view of a local Pembrokeshire seascape, it was how I was feeling when I painted it, looking at life through cobwebs that need to be blown away.


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  1. Hi there! I am a 60 year-old metastatic breast cancer patient from Italy. When I feel fairly well I dedicate my time to art. I have started with watercolour and drawing. Dear Barbara, I really appraise your commitment to art, to its healing funcion as well as its communicative and social function. Keep up the good work.

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