The  Breast Cancer Art Project’s mission is to:

  • inspire those affected by breast cancer to use art as a way of dealing with and expressing their experiences, and thereby improving their emotional wellbeing in some way
  • provide a place for those affected by breast cancer to share their artwork so that they feel heard, understood and part of a community
  • help family and friends of those with cancer to understand some of what their loved ones have gone through, and help medical professionals to better understand their patients
  • raise awareness and understanding of the psychological impact of breast cancer, and the need for psychological care during and after treatment
  • break down barriers between professional and non-professional art  by placing all art side by side.

The project is young, but in the future we hope to pursue further avenues to extend our work, including tutorials and free art classes for those with breast cancer.


We also plan to create ‘special theme’ galleries on particular topics, opening up to the wider cancer community. If you are interested in collaborating with us, do get in touch.


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