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The Breast Cancer Art Project is for anyone who has or has had breast cancer, or has been affected by breast cancer indirectly (e.g. family, friend, or through your profession). Whatever your age, whatever your diagnosis or treatment, and wherever you are in the world.  It is a place for you to express yourself through an art form of your choice, whether through painting, drawing, poetry, stories, photography, short film, sculpture, music, performance, or something else. The project is not so much about what the final artwork looks like, but about the journey of creating it, and using that as a way to express what you have been through, hopefully as a way to help heal, just a little.

Whatever you produce will need to be in turned into a format that we can post on this site. So for example, if you create a painting, you can take a good quality photo of it and submit that. We also ask for a little accompanying text (or poem!) to explain your artwork. If you wish, you can say a little about yourself too, or remain completely anonymous.

What you produce will be from your heart, and there is no expectation of content or skill.  It can be an obvious illustration of cancer, or something subtle that can be put into context through accompanying words. Perhaps you think you are not artistic? It doesn’t matter, you are welcome to give it a try.

The Breast Cancer Art Project is not an organisation or charity. It has been set up by a ‘survivor’ after being part of an art project, and realising the value in expression through art. So please be patient, and we’ll get back to you and share your work as soon as we can.

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