How to share your artwork: FAQs

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Art Project! If you are new to the project, you may be wondering if and how you can share your artwork. It is very straight forward, but I’ve put together a few FAQs:

Q: What media do we accept? We welcome all media – from writing (non-fiction, fiction, poetry, journals..), to drawing, painting, photography, sculptures, videos, music, crafts…anything that is creative.

Q: What subject matter do we accept? The only criteria is that the artwork is related to breast cancer in some way. This doesn’t have to be in an obvious way! For example, a photograph of a spring flower might represent hope to you, or an abstract painting may reflect how you are feeling. As long as, to you, it expresses some aspect of your experience of breast cancer, then it is eligible.

Q: Who can submit art? Anyone affected by breast cancer can contribute to the project. This may be directly as someone who has or had breast cancer at some point in their life, or it could be a family member or friend of someone who has had breast cancer, or a medical professional. Wherever you are in the world, we would love you to contribute.

Q: Do I have to be good at art or meet a standard? No! Everyone is welcome to contribute, from complete beginners to professional artists. All artwork sits side by side in equality. The quality of your work is not judged.

Q: Is there a cost? No, it’s absolutely free.

Q: Is there are deadline? No, we are ongoing and accept contributions any time of the year. We started in 2017 and hope to continue for as long as I or someone can run it and that the internet exists!

Q: So how do I actually submit the work? You just need to send a photo(s) of the artwork (or video/music file) and email it to along with: (a) a title; (b) media/dimensions (optional); (c) country you are based in (optional) (d) any information you’d like to be shared with it, e.g. about the artwork, or about yourself (optional). We particularly encourage a description of the artwork if it is not obvious to the viewer how it relates to breast cancer. We will include your name unless you ask to remain anonymous. If you’d like to be tagged in social media, please include your handle. We use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Q: Do you accept physical artwork? We don’t normally accept the physical form of the artwork, for storage reasons, but if we are holding a physical exhibition, we may arrange with specific artists for the original to be shipped. This would normally then be returned to the artist, depending on the agreement.

Q: Do you hold physical exhibitions? We have held several physical exhibitions in collaboration with others, including at the University of Mayaguez in Puerto Rico (2018), and in the UK, the University of Cambridge (2019), the Tate Exchange (with Fruit Fly Collective, 2019), and the University of Nottingham (with Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre, 2022). If you are interested in collaborating to hold an exhibition, please get in touch. Please note, we do not hold a budget so any exhibition will require a funds or fund raising.

Q: Do you run workshops or give talks? On request, we have run workshops or given talks, for example we have run sessions for Breast Cancer Now in Greater London. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a workshop or talk.

Q: What’s the story about the project and how is it run? Read more about us here

Finally, if your question is not answered in the information above, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Adriana) or Sue (our International Coordinator) at


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