Dichotomy – Lion Toothed Weed or Golden Master of Survival

By Allie Molenda

“This piece identifies with the dichotomy of emotions that many women face with breast cancer, specifically hormone blocking.  With ER+ breast cancer, oncologists view the ovaries as “weeds” and want to suppress them or remove them to stop estrogen production.  Patients often feel that their ovaries are  their last bit of femininity and want to guard them with all their might, knowing that they don’t just produce estrogen but support our bodies on a holistic level.  Dandelions fight a similar battle – often suppressed by poison, or removed by force or in other cases admired and loved and embraced for their healing and powerful qualities”


2 thoughts on “Dichotomy – Lion Toothed Weed or Golden Master of Survival

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  1. Love that! The hormone blocking treatment makes me sad & affects my body a lot. The dandelion also looks like it is the shape of the uterus as well. When they go to seed & all the seeds float off in the wind, has always represented for me the cancer cells metastasising.


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