Who’s there?

By Diane Leopard (UK)

“In 2013 aged 49 I had treatment for breast cancer. Since then I have taken up photography and have created a series of non-clinical photographs to describe the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis called ‘Focus on Emotions’. Some of which have been published both here at The Breast Cancer Art Project and on several other websites.

Shortly after my 5 year review I started writing poetry. ‘Who’s There’ is a poem of reflection and acceptance. The aging process and every major life event both happy and sad changes us, both physically and emotionally, adding a new chapter to our book of life.

Reflecting on who are, who we have become and learning to and accept ourselves no matter what we see is sometimes difficult. But, it can improve our general wellbeing and bring about contentment and happiness.  We are our own story of life and I am certainly enjoying writing mine. The photograph is a self-portrait taken using a tripod, careful positioning and a timer delay”

Diane Leopard

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