Angela Asks Why?

By Alina Ko (Florida, USA)

“In July 2017, Angela Taylor was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, battled five months of chemotherapy, followed by a bilateral mastectomy. Wanting to give back, she founded ARTfullAngels, a nonprofit that provides financial support for mammogramy, diagnostic breast imaging and breast care for uninsured and underserved women in South Florida, by partnering with local medical facilities. Angela desires to deliver free screening to women in a mobile device that would ride in underserved communities on a monthly basis. She also produces round table talks of “Cloaked by the Ribbon” conversations on social media.

Angela partnered with us on two breast cancer awareness exhibits. For Journey to New Beginnings: An Exhibition of Breast Cancer Awareness Art,  I wanted a Transformative Figure representing women over 50, the demographic most affected. In this artwork, I photographed poses of Angela on Dania Beach and came up with a narrative,
one of a woman questioning life or God or the elements. Struggling, questioning, she asks the elements “why me?” after a diagnosis of breast cancer. After meditation, at ocean’s edge, she accepts the far-distanced view that cancer is natural, and accepts it as part of life, her life.

A beautiful, vivacious, graceful woman, Angela has become a good friend, collaborator and sister.” (Alina Ko)

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  1. There aren’t enough words to express my appreciation, love and gratitude for Alina Ko, allowing me the opportunity to express my sentiments, my candidacy. This is my new norm, and I’m grateful and good with it. I’m honored to be considered a mentor with breast cancer. I”m in awe at times that women ask me for advice and able to cry on each others shoulders. That’s the beauty in this! We battled this disease together and HAVE to be comfortable and accepting with the decisions that we make. This is us.

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