By Elaina Ford (UK)

The essence
Of what makes a woman
Is trying to kill
And my sister.

Oestrogen and progesterone
Are what makes us feminine not masculine
But they feed our cancers
Our genetic typo
One letter

So they remove that essence
And shut our ovaries down
Take away our hormones
Replace with hot flushes
Drown us in sweat
Burn us up.

Cancer might have spread
So they give us chemo
Toxin not therapy
That takes our hair
That made us feminine.

Then the most obvious
That women flaunt
And men desire
They take our breasts.

A man rebuilds them
Foobs not boobs
But they won’t kill us
Well smaller chance
They’ll do.

Our hair regrows
Will ovaries survive?
Time will tell
But time is not on our side.

To make a family
We want to give birth
To have a child
The reason for the essence.
The point of being a woman.

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