My Journey

By Melinda Deuster

“When I was diagnosed I need to keep my hands busy. I went and bought fabrics, tore them in strips and sewed them together inside out with the threads showing on the top. Messy because that’s how life felt. Messy. I worked on this over several years. It’s also an exercise in emotions depicted through color. At one point my husband asked me when I was going to be finished. My response was “when I’m done” which was really “I don’t know”. Well, I’m done with this piece now. It’s over 12 feet long. It’s sort of like a run-on sentence! I held this piece up to a window and surprisingly it looks like stained glass! As colorful and happy as this looks its still very difficult for me to look at. (Over the several years we had some other family health issues and tragedies that are sewn into these strips. You know, Life!)”



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