Light beyond the shadow

By Elaina Ford (UK)

This merging of two images represents the cancer journey for me in some ways. The wall is the ultrasound from my very first appointment at the hospital following my referral from my GP after I found the lump, showing the “shadow” that the radiologist said was “concerning”.

The hospital feet are from the afternoon after I woke up from my bilateral mastectomy (the road in between included many scans and biopsies, one false alarm but two other tumours, a genetic mutation, six rounds of chemo and three cancelled surgery appointments – but that would be a cluttered image!).

I’m hoping the next/final step of this journey will be of my feet on a beach or boat somewhere – ideally on a beach in the Caribbean with my sister (Breast Cancer Art Project founder Adriana)  – just like how we ended her journey after her “active treatment” ended three years ago.”

Me and my sister Adriana in St Lucia, two weeks after she finished radiotherapy in 2017

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