Art Mentors

We are currently seeking art mentors to help our contributors with the process of their art creation and submission. Many of our contributors may have little experience in art and would welcome a little guidance, or may just appreciate someone to bounce ideas off, and get a little encouragement and critical feedback. This can all be done remotely via email, although mentors may wish to speak to their assigned artists on the phone if they so wish.

It is all entirely voluntary. We envisage one or two artists for any mentor at any one time, to minimise impact on your time.  Some art contributors may need very little interaction with a mentor (perhaps only an email or two), others may enjoy a little more. You will need to be someone who will be able to respond to an email within a few days whenever possible. You can keep each mentee for up to two months. Please contact us on the Contact Form if you would like to be a mentor, and tell us a little bit about yourself and motivation for volunteering.  Any questions please ask!

Mentors can also be art contributors! We’d love to see your work too.

Our Current Mentors

If you are contributing artwork and would like a mentor to give you a little guidance or bounce off some ideas, you can view our current mentors here and whether they have any space available (we try to keep it up-to-date). You can have a mentor for up to 2 months. Mentors are giving their time out of good will and will aim to respond to you within a few days, but do please be patient as they are busy people too. To select a mentor (if they are available), please put their name in the Contact Form.




Amabel Mortimer (Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media)

Availability – 1 mentee space currently available.

Amabel Mortimer initially trained at Bath School of Art & Design, specialising in painting, printmaking and design ceramics. She then went on to gain a Masters of Arts in Art, Health and Wellbeing at Birmingham City University. Stemming from this she adopted a crafting and experimental approach to much of her work and has continued to explore this through various media. However, doing sketch paintings of vintage items was her first love. After  many years working as a freelance tutor and arts facilitator in her spare time, she went on to work as lead artist on arts in hospice and community projects within her role as creative arts coordinator. She has exceptional experience and understanding of participatory arts, and is committed to socially inclusive practice and collaborative working.  Amabel has also undertaken research into arts interventions, presented at the European Association for Palliative Care in Copenhagen, been shortlisted for the Arts in Health Prize for Arts in Health, received an NHS award for innovation in practice and exhibited at both the Mall Galleries and the Wellcome Trust.

Examples of her work can be seen here

Mentor- Amabel Mortimer sqrs



Laura Pearson  (Writing – Fiction and Non Fiction)

Availability – 1 mentee space currently available

Laura Pearson blogs about her experience of having breast cancer during pregnancy at She also writes novels and flash fiction.

Examples of her work can also be seen here

Mentor- Laura Pearson photo cropped rs


Emily Devane  (Writing – Fiction)

Availability – 1 mentee space currently available

Emily is an accomplished, award-winning author, read more here


Barbara Price (Painting, Drawing)

Availability – 1 mentee space currently available

Born in Dorset (UK), Barbara gained a degree in textiles from Farnham College of Art and then PGATC at University of Wales Cardiff. She  taught at a private school in Bournemouth before marrying and moving to Wales in 1982. She worked from her studio in Cowbridge for 5 years making patchwork wall hangings, and painting and exhibiting wherever she could. In 1992 she moved to Pembrokeshire and was unfortunately widowed in 1993. She eventually settled and remarried in 1997. Since then Barbara has concentrated on her painting and put roots down in Pembrokeshire. She has been teaching adults ‘art for pleasure ‘ in Fishguard since 1995 and has “not looked back”. She really enjoys introducing others to the challenges and joy of painting and drawing. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 Barbara painted a visual diary, ‘my journey through cancer’ This led to articles published in the ‘Artists and Illustrators magazine’ (Jan 2014), Western Mail and Wales Online.  You can see more of Barbara’s work here, or visit her website.


Karen Williams (mixed forms including painting, textiles and glass)

Availability – 1 mentee space currently available

Karen was born in Wirral (UK).  Whilst getting married and raising her family she went to Glyn Dywr to study Applied Art degree in stained glass. Karen went on to work in a glass conservation studio for three years, were she made leaded windows for  the John Ryland library in Manchester and Chester Cathedral ,to name but a few. After working in the studio, Karen again went to Glyn Dywr University to gain a PGCE to teach adults art, which she did at Deeside College, in such subjects as ceramics and watercolour painting. Karen has a keen interest in all types of applied art such as textiles, sewing, knitting, watercolour painting, acrylic painting on a large scale and of course glass including kiln formed glass and leaded stained glass. Karen had breast cancer in 2015 a bilateral mastectomy, six lots of chemo and radiotherapy and is still on hormone tablets for ten years. After living flat chested for three years Karen is now awaiting breast reconstruction.

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