Microcalcification Carcinoma

By Jan Lainoff (Jan-L.) (California, USA)

“I’m from California, and midwest relatives tell me that qualifies as a country.  To be more specific, I’m from East Bay San Francisco and am a retired Speech-Language Pathologist.  (No surprise when I tell you words are in a LOT of my art constructs). 

The painting is the middle part of a triptych. This portion is mixed media  on canvas and is constructed with acrylic, ink & cheese cloth  (I was channeling ‘Arsenic & Old Lace’, so pretend it’s ‘lace’). Other sections of the triptych are titled: ‘Mother’s Milk” & “It Depends” (which alludes to the poem’s ‘Advance Directives’ finale). 

It is a circular drawing of a poem on a female breast but, unfortunately, you can’t read  the spiral words unless standing on your head  (which promotes a nasty case of vertigo & whiplash).”


 By Jan Lainoff (Jan-L.), 27th April 2018

 Introducing  chaos and pain:

Stereotactic needle biopsy

followed by:

nuclear needle insert under nipple…



 How do you spell:



New age medical digital diagnostics of:


“Lumpectomey -or- Partial Mastectomy”?

You’re asking me?


It’s your call.


Malignant neoplasm of

upper-outer quadrant of left female breast,

 verified by sentinel node injection

 & guide wire placement.




 Relief punctuated by waves of pain.

Blessed but scary numbness. 

No sensation in left breast or armpit.

No reaching.

No lifting.

 Or Jane Fonda burn.

 Pathology report awaits.

Skip Advance Directives.

This time.

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