Keep Dancing

by Anna Sreenan (Ireland)

“My name is Anna. I am a nurse in Ireland. I love creating relatable art. I love using the mediums of watercolour, gouache, and pen. My art is inspired by people I have met during the course of my work. And is mostly created with a cuppa in the evenings while my babies are sleeping. 

Inspiration for my art

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, modern medicine is so amazing that it can take disease from the body and put the body back together again and let you keep living your life. Sometimes it comes with the price of scars, bags, drains, or prosthetics which can be daunting when we live in a world obsessed with specific idea of a “perfect” body. 

Keep Dancing” 

This piece is inspired by women who have has had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Sometimes women don’t actually have to experience breast cancer to have their breasts removed. So this is a piece dedicated to people who have to have breast cancer and also people who have had risk reducing surgeries to ensure their body doesn’t get life threatening disease due to inheriting the BRCA gene. 

This woman is dancing with her health. She is dancing with her red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets which when combined with the dancing ribbon form the shape of the double helix of DNA. She is constantly managing life and illness. She is surviving and she is thriving. The blue is her blood. Her life force. Its swishing, moving, dancing with her. Keep dancing. You’re doing great.”

My pieces can be bought on my Etsy page through my bio on my Instagram page @loopy_la_lay

Keep Dancing by Anna Sreenan

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