Kintsukuroi Project

By Ati Seyedesfehani (Iran)

Social groups: 30 married women with breast cancer who had removed a part of their organs due to their surgeries feel imperfect about themselves and their beauty. They do not feel free or experience love, peace, and liveliness in their marriage life as in the past.

We can help through a seminar or group therapy organized by our psychoanalyst. First, they reach the stage of accepting their body as it is and love their bodies. After that, they will be given creative and functional underwear as a gift to experience love, emancipation, pleasure, and wonder in their marital relationship like before and even more.

By following this process, We hope that we can reach some achievements, and if that does not happen, some consequences may occur. For example, every morning, these women wake up depressed; their marriage life has broken; the children of their family have been harmed, and eventually, society suffers. We can help them to experience better social and private life enjoying their body the way it is.

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