Well that was a lot

By Elaina Ford (UK)

All this was in the year since my diagnosis, last September. No wonder I’m fatigued.

This is just the treatment/hospital side of things, there are a whole load of other important things, and people, on a more positive note (support from family, friends, online and in-person groups, charities, mince pies, wine, and gin). They’re not as easy to work out and I’m glad I didn’t count the mince pies or gin consumption! (I couldn’t drink wine on chemo much with ruined taste buds, so that helped there. Besides, all those people deserve more than statistics on a powerpoint slide.

And yes, I did tally up all the needles – some for bloods, anaesthetics for surgery and biopsies, chemo, fertility (lots! self administered), and some for GCSF/filgrastim, which make your bones create more of the poor blood cells that chemo destroys.

Hopefully there will be a lot less of this in the future. Two more “infusions” for my bones next year, and 5 years of zolodex injections to shut down my ovaries, and the 10 years of pills to mop up all the oestrogen other cells make (I’ve learnt a lot on this journey too!).

I’m doing the zolodex myself, much to my sister’s horror! But it gives me flexibility and control.

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