Breaking Free

By Katie Van Doren (Mexico)

Oil on canvas, Life size

This painting is of Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo. It is a true honor to know, and to have been able to paint such an inspiring and strong woman who is not only a survivor but an incredible artist. We collaborated to include her artwork in the background of her portraits because her artwork was an integral catalyst for her recovery and a moving example of how art can heal. We also collaborated with NY Times photographer Beatrice de Gea who took the reference photo for this painting. Marianne has expressed that this was a transformational moment screaming out to the world that she had and has survived.

Currently exhibited at the Fairmont Gallery in Austen Texas, this painting is being auctioned off for The Twist Out Cancer Brushes with cancer program that supports positive mental health for those affected by cancer.

Instagram: @catvandoren

and @marianneduquettecuozzo912 (also check out Marianne’s work shared on the Breast Cancer Art Project)

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