Bloodbath in Pink

by Liv James (Canada)

“Since May 2020…Heather, Chiara, Vanessa, and now Denise… four humans I personally know who have died from the disease I’m trying to avoid dying from myself. Stage IV needs more – more research, more focus, more HONESTY. Countless people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer whose oncologists never told them about their overall survival rate after early stage treatment (the survival rates we are given are usually 5 year rates). If our doctors can’t be trusted to tell the truth…how on earth do we move forward and make sure a cure is found? When around 30% of early stagers will die from this disease despite treatment, yet our doctors are still not teaching us to look for signs of metastatic disease or giving us regular follow up scans, there is a problem. When patients have to scream to have early stage progression to MBC counted in the statistics, there is a problem. When oncologists are telling patients they are “cured” and “cancer free” when there is no cure and no way to know if someone has dormant cancer stem cells, there is a problem. When black women are dying at much higher rates, there is a problem. When breast density is not disclosed and not more carefully monitored, there is a problem. When men and people under 30 and 40 are not told of their risk of breast cancer, there is a problem. When no one knows that the overall survival rates have hardly budged in decades despite all the pink bullshit, with the exception of HER2+ cancer (due to Herceptin), there is a problem. #transparency #stageivneedsmore #complicatedgrief #RIPDenise “

Submitted during ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’

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