Life is a Bowl of Cherries. And Melons.

by Terra (USA)

“I am Terra, a breast cancer survivor. My op was 11/11/13, followed by 35 rounds of rad therapy ending in April 2014. I developed severe lymphedema in this breast. My breasts are different sizes, shapes, and textures. These photos are the first step at loving my body again.

Mine is not a textbook case. I am sharing this for others to be aware of the possibilities of lymphedema. It is unusual, so I’ve been told, to have this condition in the breast. It is difficult to treat because the usual compression garments don’t come in BREAST. I’ve had hours and hours of physical therapy which has improved my condition enormously. However, there is no cure. I have fashioned a therapeutic prosthetic, so to speak, using socks and beads. This also allows me to sit in on percussion, should any of my musician friends need backing. 😊 Humor goes a long way with me!”

Land of Milk and Honey

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