By Katie Edgar (UK)

“This is a pastel drawing, A1 that was part of a project inter the title “Perfection”. I was inspired to draw this after doing an interview with my teacher, in which we had conversations about her mother’s experience with breast cancer as her thoughts on post surgery and reconstruction. After my work was exhibited at the Art Mart in Langwathby I  received this letter.

“I saw your work at the Langwathby Art Mart today. I just want to tell you that your piece on breast cancer meant a lot to me. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction of the left breast in 2013/14, and my appearance now is pretty much like your picture. I’ve always been fine about how I look, and even sun-bathed topless in the Summer after my operations. But I’ve never seen any representations of someone like me before, and your beautiful and loving picture really helped somehow to feel seen and included. Thank you.”

I was so so happy to receive this. So interesting to find out more about someone’s personal experience and views and I hope to make more work like this in the future. I’m currently working on some designs which will me used to raise money and awareness for breast cancer and cancer research.

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