Reclaimed my natural way of living

By Cinder Minter (Texas, USA)

“I don’t regret getting my implants they were just not for me and my body after sometime.  The implants were affecting my quality of life. My inflammation worsened through the years and my lungs were left scarred with inflammation from illness. I was living on antibiotics on and off for years. My lymph nodes were getting inflamed too. 

My left ribs and lung  were in so much pain chronically with a burning sensation and it was difficult for me to breathe. I stopped lifting and strength training eventually and I tried only running until I had to give that up too. When it started to affect my yoga practice and simply my breath I knew I had to do something about it. I was tired of being chronically ill and fatigued and having new rashes on my body on and off and even sores inside of my mouth. It was always something.  The implants were attacking my tissue causing vulnerability to infections. 

Today , I don’t have the burning sensation and pain which was worse on the left side. My body rejected the implants and it was just the best decision I ever made for myself. When my pulmonologist advises I am doing the right thing to have them removed I did not hesitate it only validated my decision. 

I realize everyone is different from the reaction of implants , however my best advice is do not ever ignore intuition and when your body is talking to you. Health and living a quality life is so much more important than living with pain. 

My surgery was May 15, 2020 and the photos were taken a few days later by my daughter.  My relief was immediately resolved from the explant and I only needed pain medication two days from the surgery. 

Ps: I am a  6 year cancer survivor. Bilateral Mastectomy and now flat closure.”

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