In Life We Are In Death (and other work)

by Jackie James

In Life We Are In Death’
This is a reflection of how Cancer has tainted everything and taken the last of my childhood innocence that was locked deep inside my adult body. It is also a reflection that from the moment we are concieved we are growing towards our death.

Painful Frustration
I didn’t want to have axillary node clearance surgery, because I knew there was a high likelihood of significant numbness, arm weakness and lymphodema. In my weakened state I agreed to it, all 3 issues have come to pass and everyday I regret that I agreed to it despite the potential consequences of not having it. So this image shows the mental anguish of my own decision which causes immense mental pain and frustration.


Some days you just cannot shake the dark thoughts, you are locked in a dark place and you want to tear your head to pieces to stop the thoughts.

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