Just Atoms Being Creative

By Rachel Watts (UK)

“I wrote the poem in 2017, a year after my diagnosis, when I was trying to make sense of things. I then created the picture this summer.”

Just atoms being creative

What if atoms got bored?

What if the Universe decided to explore itself?

Stardust and starlight – Substance and power

Separate they just exist, 

Combined they lie.

Out of chaos emerges beauty and form

Interaction and connection generates being and thought

Diverse creations challenging the current opinion.

The mighty oak is a powerhouse capturing starlight

The eagle is stardust defying gravity

The horse is grass in action

The cat is the power of many mice.

Constant but temporary

Eternal but fleeting in form

The Universe has too much to explore to bestow immortality

It is busy seeking its own enlightenment.

Life – just atoms being creative.

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