You Touched My Body But Never My Soul; and Hold My Hand and Never Let Me Go

By Rebecca Gautier (Puerto Rico)


I am a 41 years old single mom of two wonderful boy 21 and 7 . I was diagnosed October 31, 2017 a month after hurricane Maria hit my island of Puerto Rico. I am triple negative Metaplastic Carsinoma BRCA+. Had double mastectomy Aug 2018 and started reconstruction On January 2019 had two new findings in my lungs, now under new treatment with lung mets. Fighting Day by Day.

My first photography was taken after my lumpectomy on Nov 2017 prior to chemo of first diagnose.. I wish to call it… “ YOU TOUCHED MY BODY BUT NEVER MY SOUL”

My second images go in sequence these were taken by my oldest son on a chemo day; that I wish to call …” HOLD MY HAND AND NEVER LET ME GO” – Love above all things, with the proper support and love of your most precious beings around you; this battle becomes an agreement. I never invited you in; but I allow you to show me what LIFE should be; NOW move on; were we can both remember the lessons of this journey.”

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