by Maxine Clements

I developed ‘Growth’ from an original series of six drawings under the title of ‘Cancerscape Series’ each visualising different aspects of my Cancer journey: ‘It’s my life’ ‘Immortal’ ‘Growth’ ‘Tunnel’ ‘Parched’ and ‘Light’. 

I have developed ‘Growth’ from the ink drawing into a painting and a small sculpture. ‘Growth’ particularly took hold in my mind, rooting and growing fast, perhaps reflecting the speed at which my Cancer grew. It also visualises the lymph nodes that were taken in surgery as well as a repeated image of the tumour itself. Only upon reflection of the original sketch did I realise I had visualised my huge tumour and breast in profile rising from a twisted tight foundation (my life pre-Cancer)  

Since a child I have been drawn to visualising landscapes but in the last 10yrs my art work has taken a backseat while I focused on becoming a pastry chef and becoming a mother. 

Cancer has unlocked something deep within myself, revealing a person who has always been there but never surfaced until now. Even though traumatic I will be forever grateful for having Cancer, it has shown me how to be the person I always wanted to be.

6 months post treatment, Cancer will always be a part of who I am and visualising it has been an immeasurably healing part of my ongoing recovery. 


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