by Roshan Ruprai (written and performed), Zoe Black (directed), and LORE (produced)

‘Bulletproof’ is a reevaluation of Roshan’s own sense of ‘strength’ as a young British-Indian man in the wake of his mum’s most recent metastatic cancer diagnosis. In his own words, through understanding his mum’s ongoing condition he, ‘realised that the fight to convince myself and others that I was ‘bulletproof’ was in itself a sign of weakness. The brutal honesty of writing this song was the first step in this process. I hope in its own small way this song can help to show people in a similar situation that they’re not alone.’

As seen at our Tate Modern exhibition (as part of the Breast Cancer Art Project’s contribution to the Shifting Self Identities| Cancer Stories exhibition, led by the Fruitfly Collective), and performed live at the launch of our Cambridge exhibition

You can listen on soundcloud:

And check out this article – a chat with the artists


Written and performed by @Roshan Ruprai

Directed by @Zoe Black

Produced by @LORE https://www.facebook.com/LOREpfitz/

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