Reflection, Inner Exploration and Gratitide through the Art of Yoga Asanas, Bilaterateral Mastectomy

by Cindy Minter (Texas, USA)


I discovered  yoga to be the most beneficial therapy, it introduced me to a life of self care. Yoga makes me feel complete and not separated from myself it allows me to heal from emotional trauma.

Cindy Minter 11


When I flow Vinyasa I feel free from the emotional pain.

It wasn’t until practicing yoga consistently that I truly began my physical and healing journey.

Cindy Minter 9


The perception of myself and body image changed and I continually battle with negative thoughts. Yoga saved my spirit.


Cindy Minter 8.jpg

I continually battled whether he would find me attractive again without breast and nipples.  It wasn’t until I found yoga that I started loving myself again. Yoga saved my life.

Cindy Minter 6


After my bilateral mastectomy and surgeries I suffered from intense anxiety and depression. My young stepson died just a month before my diagnosis and to say the least it crushed my spirit, my home, my family, but somehow I remained somewhat strong enough for their sake internalizing much of my grief.


Cindy Minter 10.jpg

“Still , I stand strong”, by Emily Gayle, my daughter, my favorite artist. Imagining how she must have felt drawing me. How she must have felt seeing me after my breast were taken by cancer, how I was so fragile during cancer. How she sees me now. “I Stand Strong”


The reason I express myself and my scars through photos on my Instagram (@yogibarbellfit) is because I  wish to make people aware of the disease and because it can happen to anyone. With that being said to encourage them to be aware it the symptoms and that survivors are strong and beautiful even with scars. I have so many reasons.

2 thoughts on “Reflection, Inner Exploration and Gratitide through the Art of Yoga Asanas, Bilaterateral Mastectomy

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  1. You are so brave strong and bold. A beautiful example to others going thru hardship. And you wee dealt a double whammy. The two losses you’ve experienced are absolutely overwhelming. This I know of where I speak. I’ve had the same two losses in reverse order. Simply brutal. And the emotional recovery takes so much time. I feel like a piece of playsough the has been beat up and reshaped by the universe. Unbearable at times. But I am coming to a place of renewal. Thankfully. 💔❤️❤️

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