Art & Soul – Call for Contributions for blog series


We are starting a new blog series on how art and creativity have helped through experiences of breast cancer (open to both those affected directly and indirectly e.g family). Approx 1000 words but can be shorter or longer. Plus some (1-4) selected pictures.

Some questions you might want to think about:

  • How has art or creativity helped you?
  • How have you used it?
  • Have you done art before? If not, were you nervous to try it?
  • How did you discover it as a way of healing ?
  • How has your art changed through breast cancer?
  • How has sharing it e.g. with our project or social media helped, or do you keep it private?
  • Has it even changed your life?
  • What kind of art or creativity do you do? Is it about breast cancer or do you create something entirely different?
  • Is it something medical professionals should encourage as part of psychological care?

These are just some possible topics to cover, but it’s up to you, write from your heart!

By “art” we include all types of creativity including poetry, writing, crafts, photography, paintings, sketches, sculpture and yes drama, film, music etc too! As always, we aim to be as inclusive as possible!

Please email Adriana at with subject heading Art & Soul if interested.

Thank you!!!! 😃


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