Dr Google

By Edwina Maria Thompson (UK)


Dr Google-
Just give me a break!
You’re forcing my fingers,
to keep me awake.
Your stats and your facts
make me dread ev’ry ache.
Dr Google-
No more for God’s sake.

Dr Google-
I’m begging you stop!
You feed me with fear,
Till my head’s gonna pop.
By your lies you’d think
I was up for the chop!
Dr Google-
Come on, let it drop.

Dr Google-
Just leave me alone!
You’re making me panic,
the doctor to phone.
Each moment you’re tempting,
invading my home.
Dr Google-
I’m fine on my own.

Dr Google-
I don’t want to whinge.
But each time I’m clicking you’re making me cringe!
My God I’m now fearing each twitch and each twinge…
Dr Google-
Don’t make me unhinge!

Dr Google-
I’m switching you off.
You won’t make me doubt every headache or cough.
I’d rather find comfort with wine I can quaff!
Dr Google-
It’s time to piss off.

Edwina Maria Thompson
Β© 2018


Edwina M Thompson Dr Google.png

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