Walk with Me

by Beverley Nash

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2015, just before my 51st Birthday.  Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed and I am now 2.5 years out of treatment.  It has taken a while to adjust to living with the diagnosis, the subsequent treatment and all the physical and emotional traumas of going through breast cancer but, now, as I did at the time, and despite the occasional, inevitable wobble, I look to the positives.  One of these – as has been the case throughout my whole life – is the support I had from my wonderful sister who, as always, was unwavering in her love, her care and her support.  When it came to wanting to give something back to Breast Cancer Care, I asked her to do the 20-mile Audley End Pink Ribbon Walk with me.  This was something so far away from the time when it was all I could do to walk across the kitchen to put the kettle on!  During the miles and hours of training for the walk, I was obviously very much alone with my thoughts and, with this time to reflect, my thoughts became creatively formed into the poem ‘Walk With Me’.  I hadn’t written poetry since I was at school but this one just seemed to flow.  I have seen so many examples of creativity coming from people’s experience of breast cancer and this is, most certainly, a wonderful and inspiring positive.  With love.  Beverley “


Walk With Me

Walk with me, my sister,

over mountain, through the flood

keep me from this madness

as it courses through my blood

Keep my feet from falter,

keep them steady, keep them true

they walk in fear and chaos

but I’m safe, I walk with you


Walk with me, my sister,

through this dreadful, fearsome night

hold my hand through darkness

’til we step into the light

keep me from forgetting

who I am and bring me rest

through love I find it all

to face this demon in my breast


Walk with me, my sister,

as I wear an unknown face

I find it hard to recognise

my eyes seem out of place

the kindliness of strangers

every knowing word unsaid

brings stillness to my spirit

as your hand upon my head


Walk with me, my sister,

I am lost upon the sands

the greyness overwhelms me

and I cannot raise my hands

but with flow comes ebb of water

and my future back in reach

no longer standing, naked,

cast in iron on the beach


Walk with me, my sister,

it still holds within my mind

I walk beside its shadow

but I will not stand behind

It’s not my life’s companion

at my seat it has no rest

my table ever empty

for this uninvited guest


keep walking with me sister,

now the suffering is past

it’s time to shelter others

and protect them in the blast

So walk with me in unity

as mother, daughter, wife

in thanks and celebration

of my sister, love and life



Beverley Nash - Walk With Me.png

4 thoughts on “Walk with Me

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  1. There is always that one special support person in amongst all of the other amazing supportive souls…My eldest sister would not leave my side…even when I thought I didn’t want her there…I am so grateful for her. Thank you for putting it into such lovely words…

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