We’re going to Cambridge!

We are still holding huge smiles after the success of our Puerto Rico exhibition, and for those following on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have seen quite a bit of footage and updates about it, from TV clips and photos to critiques (we’ll post on here about it soon too!). But already we are planning our next exhibition! I was approached by an arts history student Miranda Nicholson, in her final year at the University of Cambridge, and she had an idea to hold an exhibition at her college, Murray Edwards. Of course, we were over the moon to collaborate.  The plan is to launch on Sun 3rd Feb 2019, coinciding with Cambridge Pink Week (2nd-10th Feb) and have it open to the public for the month.

It’s amazing that a young individual in the midst of all her studies wanted to hold an exhibition about something she hadn’t even (fortunately) experienced. Since talking with us, she’s now even chosen to write her final year thesis on breast cancer in Renaissance art! Miranda is choosing some artworks from the Breast Cancer Art Project (all produced by those affected by breast cancer), as well as a few pieces from the college’s collection that have some connection to the themes. She’s also enlisted the help of  four other Cambridge undergrads, Faith Inch (3rd yr English), Sophie Marie Niang (3rd year Human, Social and Political Sciences), Constance Ayrton (3rd yr Art History with me) and Honor May (2nd yr Art History) to help pull this off!

As an alumni myself, Cambridge holds a special place in my heart. Little did I know as young Natural Sciences student that 15 years later, this would be where I’d be and what I would be doing. However, I feel privileged to be in a position to help share the stories of our breast cancer sisters, through their art, at this famous university, hopefully touching upon the hearts and minds of some of the students and staff there, along with members of the local community.

Of course, as with our last exhibition, it all costs money, and we don’t have any source of funds other than what we raise through crowdfunding. So if you are able to support this even in a small way, we’d much appreciate it. The artworks need to be shipped from various countries across the world and back again, and there are costs in printing and publishing, catering at the launch, and so forth. We don’t need huge amounts, but we do need some help! If you’d like to support our cause, here is the crowdfunding page: https://www.gofundme.com/manage/breast-cancer-art-project-cambridge

We hope that some of you can make it to the exhibition. If you come to the launch, I will be there along with Sue Olivera, all the way from Puerto Rico, and possibly some of our other artists too. For those who can’t be there in person, we will be sharing updates, of course. And please spread the word to help make this a success!

Any queries you can email me at breastcancerartproject@gmail.com.

With love and good wishes,



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