by Amy Jenner

Diary full of scribbles
Consultations, clinics, bloods
Surgery, day case, in patient
Looping one day to the next
To the next

Date of birth
Am I still at the same address
Would I like to take a seat
They’re running slightly behind
Would I like to take a seat

Different waiting rooms
Same hand sanitiser
Raw red wrung out fingers
Chairs in a range of colours
Groaning under the weight
Always homes under the hammer

A sea of faces,
Grey, Strained, Tired
Carrying their woes
In heavy bags,
Wide, darting eyes
Avoiding contact

Tuts and ruffles about the wait
Pretending there is somewhere else
We could all be
While we wait
Passive aggressively
Clicking our mouths, sighing hard

Do not spray perfume
Do not eat
Do tell reception
If you’ve been here too long
Do not be abusive to the staff
Do tell reception you’ve arrived

Name after name called
Not my name
Squeaky floors scraped with feet
Bargain hunt curiously cheerful
A place in the sun a cruel tease

Nurses in and out
They’re running slightly behind
Your patience is appreciated
Nurses gather patients
Nurses gather consultants
Nurses keep it all together

Amy Jenner - Wait


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