Keep Eyes Open to What is Good

A photo collection by Joanne Jannetta


These photos have meaning to me during my experience with breast cancer (invasive lobular carcinoma), with bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, along with a divorce and type 2 Diabetes, all occurring simultaneously in 2012-2013.

The first is a photo of myself wrapped in a beautiful breast cancer warrior shawl.

Joanne Janetta

Next, a daffodil pushing it’s way up through my driveway, I call it “Life Force”.

Life Force

Next, my son suggested that I have a “goodbye to breast cancer” party the day before my mastectomy. I submitted my drawing of what I wanted the cake to look like, complete with two Hostess Snowballs. It was an awesome way to head into my cancer / mastectomy surgery.

goodbye to breast cancer.jpg

There’s just something in the composition of this photo I took of these two blooms that looked like grief to me, and also one healthy breast and one fallen to cancer. I call it “Grace in Grief“.

Grace in Grief.jpg

Next, a heart shaped blood drop after taking my blood glucose reading.

unamed 2.jpg

Last, this photo of mine represents how I felt after being made whole again by my breast reconstruction and cancer being in submission. “In Loving Gratefulness

In Loving Gratefulness.jpg

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