Flat 1, a mobile mural

By Alina Ko 

“This painting is the first in a series of three – an autobiographical piece about a breast cancer survivor.

Flat (although not my case) references the women who have eschewed implants and have chosen to go flat.

It’s a component (a large mobile mural) to a performance art piece that is about women’s health and reproductive rights being under assault.” 

Alina Ko is from New York City and has worked in radio, tv, independent films, production and post production studios. She had a small following as a poet/performance artist and moved to Miami to connect with artists/collaborators there.

4 thoughts on “Flat 1, a mobile mural

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    1. Dear Alina
      For a school project about breast cancer we are making an assignment based on your painting. Would you please be so kind to let us know what the meassurements of your Flat 1 painting are?
      Kind regards

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      1. Flat 1 is a mobile mural, acrylics painted on a 4 by 8 ft wooden panel, that has been exhibited in galleries and performance venues. Prints are displayed at local art fairs in South Florida.

        Thank you. Take care.


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