By Karin Hamet, in honour and memory of her sister Birgit

Karin has been painting breast cancer art during her sister Birgit’s diagnosis and treatment. They discussed together what she might paint, what it will represent and what the paintings would be called, and created a mermaid themed series ‘Mers on a Mission’.

Tragically, Birgit passed away last week quite suddenly.

Karin has kindly shared the last painting they worked on together, and I asked her what she would like written with it. Her response was this below, and we decided, this really says so much – their love for each other, Birgit’s character, Karin’s heartbreak.

“I have been thinking since yesterday what to write…and so…I’m the wordsmith and words fail me. Although the name is “Floating” , Birgit’s first thought was “Boobalicious”. So, Boobalicious it is, in honor of my perfect sister. She may not have been perfect but she was the perfect sister for me. So grateful for her unwavering love and support. Am absolutely lost without her. I hate cancer. “

Rest in peace Birgit, the perfect sister, and our love to Karin, and indeed all those enduring heartbreak right now.


“Boobalicious” in honour of Birgit.

Karin Hamet - BoobaliciousKarin Hamet and Birgit 3

Karin and Birgit’s last walk out together

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