Happy Days

By Edwina Maria Thompson © 2018
Today will be a Happy Day,
I feel it in my bones.
A smile has spread across my face.
Forget my aches and groans!

I’ll rise right up, leap out of bed,
And throw those curtains wide!
To thank the dawn for this new day,
Let life be a joyride!

I’ll greet my puppies, play around,
Act like I’m still a kid!
Cram all of life into this day.
(My last one? God forbid!)

I’ll soak in everything I see,
Appreciate small things.
I’ll cherish moments ‘here and now’,
My rising heart, it springs!

I’ll compliment the friends I see,
And loving kindness send.
Be mindful of each breath I take,
My gratitude transcends.

I’ll smell those flowers, dance in rain,
Find rainbows in the sky.
Meet with friends for coffee and cake.
And watch the world by.

I’ll take my time, a gentle pace.
Just as Italians say…
Sweetly to do… nothing at all.
“Dolce far niente.”

I’ll focus more on what I say,
A ‘thank-you’ goes so far.
Remember those who stood by me,
Then thank my lucky stars!

And yes my thoughts will drift to those…
Whose spirits still, I feel.
I’ll offer days like this, to them…
And honour life with zeal.

I won’t forget this ‘Happy Day’,
I see them more and more…
And yes, I swear, they all make up,
For Hippo Days I bore.


Edwina Thompson - Happy Days


Edwina Martia Thompson- Happy Days


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