Hero Days

By Edwina Maria Thompson  © 2018


I am my own Hero,
I’ve come to realise.
Phoenix, wolf, warrior…
All three are my disguise.

I fought through many wars,
Being cut, poisoned, burnt.
Each one, in its own way,
With lessons to be learnt.

In dark days of treatment,
You sink into the mire.
Wading your way through it,
Is all that you desire.

You’re drowning in darkness,
A labyrinth of hell.
No light there to guide you,
Just tolling of death’s knell.

But somehow then, she grows,
The hero deep within.
With sword and shield held high,
Your battle does begin.

I saw my hero rise,
In shaving off my hair.
Looking in the mirror,
My courage clearly there.

No need to wave a wand,
Protective spells to cast.
There was my ‘patronus’,
A hero unsurpassed.

An aura around me,
My spirit now ablaze.
Fired up and ready,
For savage Hero Days.

Hero Days are brutal,
You cannot hide from that.
They bring you to your knees,
In punishing combat.

But time then makes of you,
A warrior of old.
Battle scared… but Hero,
Your crusade to be told.

Edwina Thompson - Hero Days

“She Shines From Within.” This photo was taken immediately after my head was shaved, no filter, no effect from the sun, I literally was shining. Inner strength showing.


Edwina Martia Thompson- Hero Days.jpg

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