Hippo Days

by Edwina Maria Thompson  © 2018

Today I need a Hippo Day,
To wallow, scream and cry.
If I don’t have my Hippo Days,
It feels inside I’ll die.

My hippo days are there to heal,
They help release my pain.
I sink and drown in my own mud,
No sunshine there, just rain.

I scream about how wrong this is,
I’m fighting for my life!
While others sweat their little things,
They’ve no idea of strife.

It always breaks my heart to hear,
The problems we create.
Just why the world can’t get along,
Without this fear and hate.

I really wish that everyone,
For one day could receive,
The chance to see life through my eyes.
For their old self, to grieve.

I’d let them have these Hippo Days,
And have to search for light.
I’d let them wallow in my mud,
And pray for days more bright.

I wonder if then, they would see,
The thing so clear to me.
That life is such a precious gift,
But holds no guarantee.

I need to wallow for today,
And cry my tears dry.
But then I’ll find my fight again,
This life won’t pass me by.

I’ll smell the flowers, dance in rain!
I’ll cherish every smile.
I’ll give my thanks for days like these,
My hope, they last a while…

And when again my Hippo Days,
Bring tears and hurt to feel.
I’ll even give my thanks to them,
In those, my heart will heal.

Edwina Thompson - Hippo Days




Edwina Martia Thompson- Hippo Days



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  1. Thank you all so much! This poem was written for my friend when she was really struggling after her secondary diagnosis. Tragically she died only 6 months later, and it was Hippo Days that was chosen to be read at her funeral by her brother. It holds an exceptionally special place in my heart. It encompasses her spirit entirely. 😊 Edwina Maria Thompson

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