We’re featured in Breast Cancer Care magazine!

by Adriana Ford (founder)

We’re pretty stoked to tell you we have been featured in the latest issue of the Breast Cancer Care magazine Vita (Summer 2018).

We have a beautiful two-page spread titled Art and Soul, telling readers a little bit about our project and sharing some of our artwork, including pieces by Annie Dennison, Ruth Dalzell, Melinda Deuster and Sue Olivera.

Breast Cancer Care is the leading UK charity providing information and support specifically for anyone affected by breast cancer. I have used their services myself, including the information booklets they provide, and a fantastic Younger Women Together event. Even if you are not in the UK, their online material (including their magazine) is full of clear, up-to-date and relevant information and stories that you can access online, so it’s worth checking them out.

It’s really rewarding for us as a project, and I hope for the artists submitting here, to know that we are reaching other people affected by breast cancer, and hopefully inspiring them to use creativity as a way of communicating, healing and feeling less isolated.



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