Raising funds for our exhibition in Puerto Rico

by Adriana Ford

We’re crowdfunding to cover costs of our Puerto Rico exhibition! This will help with shipping the artworks, so our artists, who have all experienced breast cancer, are not out of pocket. This can be quite expensive for larger pieces of work (both to Puerto Rico and back again!). For some, the cost of shipping will prevent them from being able to exhibit their work in this exhibition.

We want to deliver an impressive exhibition that not only raises awareness of breast cancer in Puerto Rico (and beyond), but also raises appreciation of the incredible power of art as a way of communicating the patient experience (and art as something anyone can do, regardless of artistic background).  Any money left over from covering shipping costs will help ensure that the exhibition does just that.

The Breast Cancer Art Project has no financial resources, and is run voluntarily and for free by myself.  So please consider helping our cause. Individual & corporate sponsors welcome. Please check out the link & please share, share, share!


We are so excited about this latest venture, let’s make it happen!

Thank you everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm for this project.


We know that there are a lot of charities and good causes asking for your money, and it’s impossible to support everyone. That’s why we are offering some incentives – you can get something for your money other than just feeling good!  You can receive a print of Sue Olivera’s wonderful original artworks (Sue is one our art contributors to the project and organising the exhibition from the Puerto Rico side).

Donate £20: receive a unframed A4 print
Donate £30: receive a framed A4 print
Donate £35: receive a unframed A3 print
Donate £45: receive a framed A3 print

Corporate sponsors – please contact us to discuss a larger print if you are interested.

You can select from the following of Sue’s artworks:

1. La Catrina II
2. Carlos y Flamingos
3. Swift
4. In Dreams Lost / En Sueños Perdida
5. Siguiendo a Luisa Heigel
6. Summer 1995

To get your hands on one of these beautiful prints, visit https://www.gofundme.com/breast-cancer-art-puerto-rico

Incentive Prints

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