Announcement – our first exhibition, and it’s in Puerto Rico!

We’re excited to share news that we’re having our first physical art exhibition in collaboration with the wonderful artist Sue Olivera at the Universitario de Mayagüez in Puerto Rico.

It will be held this October, coinciding with breast cancer awareness month, helping to raise awareness of breast cancer on the island, as well of course, the amazing power of art for patient expression and communication.

Some selected art from the Breast Cancer Art Project will be shipped and showcased at the exhibition, which is a wonderful opportunity for those particular artists, but also to gain exposure of our project as a whole, and hopefully reaching more patients and survivors.

Whilst in this particular exhibition we cannot show work from all our art contributors due to space and logistics, that’s not a judgement of the quality and appreciation of what is sent in – all your work is something special and you make this a unique and incredible creative community. We hope this will be one of many exhibitions to come.

We will share more information about the exhibition (launch date, and specific location in Mayaguez) as it progresses, and we’ll be a launching a small crowd-funder to help with some of the costs, although the university are kindly helping with some expense. If you might know of anyone who can help sponsor it, please email Thank you.

We’ll keep you updated, and a big shout out to Sue Olivera (check out her work on this site) for making this happen!


Adriana (project founder) 

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