by Pat Walsh


“I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor.  When my cancer was diagnosed, my husband was already battling colon cancer for three years.   I remember pleading with my doctor, “I can’t have cancer, my husband has it.”  He looked at me sadly and the nightmare began.

My husband could not help me go to treatments, therefore, I relied on the kindness and strength of friends and family.  They embraced me, taking me to chemo, making sure I went to yoga to find peace and strength.  They brought me to healing circles.

Cancer is a vulnerable time, a ground zero.  Bald and weak, you wonder, will I make it?  I celebrated my first cancer-free year and my husband lost his battle. 

My painting embodies both my weakness and my strength.  I was able to receive the light and love of friends and family.  My yoga practice gave me strength.  I survived.  I created this painting with water colors 15 years ago.  I repainted it in acrylics recently and then created a card in order to support others and make donations to breast cancer.  

I am a survivor because of the love and support of my family, friends and yoga community.  They helped to nurture me back to health and give me the strength and the courage to carry on.  Their compassion has helped me to pass on my love and support to many cancer patients through my cards and emotional support.  I am forever grateful.”


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