Stitched Up

by Amabel Mortimer

(fabric embroidery collage)


“Stitched Up is loosely based on an image I saw on the internet some while ago (I can’t credit the image as I can’t find it again unfortunately). It conveys the naked vulnerability I felt during chemo, and the uncertainty of whether it will work. It’s called Stitched Up, for a couple of reasons – the obvious surgery (you can see the scars embroidered on the woman’s body), and the fact that I felt ‘stitched up’ getting this cancer. Essentially I became a chemo puppet, chained to this powerful medication. Hoping I can regain strength, but having a dark shadow over me. The 6 ‘strings’ represent the 6 chemos I had, and the colours used are a nod to the drugs infused. The untrimmed cotton is also important as, for me, they illustrate the loss of control and side effects that come with chemo. However, I do feel there is a power to the human form in the image, alongside her vulnerability. Her body is still strong, she will fight this, & perhaps the chemo is also holding her up.”


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