Ravaged by Chemo

By Amabel Mortimer


“This is quite a brutal, harsh feeling painting. The background has snippets from some of my various oncology appointment and treatment letters. The image is how I feel I look. Illustrating the sore veins, radioactive blue dye on my breast, dying tumour and scarring from biopsies and node removal & hair loss. I chose the colours to show how physically bruised, battered and unwell chemo makes you feel, despite it doing it’s job. I have started to have some psychological support now, with only one chemo left to go. I wanted to capture my emotional responses to chemotherapy & its side effects & some of the losses I have encountered, whilst still having it, but to also be able to consolidate them in an image rather than keeping them whirling around my head. I hope to be able to do some more positive images as time goes on around the healing process, and perhaps the part chemotherapy plays in this.”

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