Where Were You?

by Edwina Maria Thompson 

This journey took me places that I never thought I’d be.
I’ve made new friends, the best there is. I’ve learnt who’s there for me.
But still the question haunts my mind, it never sets me free…
Where were you?

The one I love was by my side, as we faced ‘no man’s land’.
And through my hell, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried; he always held my hand.
Yet still the question won’t die out, it cannot understand…
Where were you?

When I was weak, he washed my hair, and gently rubbed it dry.
When time it came to shave my head, he kept my spirits high.
So here I find, I’m asking still. I just want to know why…
Where were you?

My kids have been amazing, I’m so proud in every way.
I couldn’t wish for anymore, my love it grows each day.
But there it is, that question still, it will not go away…
Where were you?

The warriors and even strangers never let me down.
With coffee, cakes and thoughtful words, they always were around.
So tell me why the question here, forever makes me frown…
Where were you?

You never came to treatments or took time to visit here.
You never even tried to phone, and lend a friendly ear.
No longer will I waste my thoughts or shed a single tear…
Not for you.


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