Alive, so alive, in the rain

by Adriana ESF


“Do you ever feel just so alive, as if every sense is heightened? I felt this on the way home this evening. I’d done a big workout in the gym, I put on my headphones, and as I started to walk home in the freezing cold and dark, it began to pour with rain. I was listening to Ziggy Marley, and my whole spirit felt just so alive, as I walked through the rain, singing, not caring if people heard or saw me, looking up into the droplets as they fell, aware of my icy cold hands and cheeks, but appreciative of the sensation rather than uncomfortable. A year ago to this day I had my last chemo, and today, I am so thankful to be alive, in that cold winter’s rain. I tried to draw and paint my experience, it’s not quite right, but I think it captures some of it.”

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