By Susan Olivera


“Sobrevivi – (I survived). This piece sums up my history with breast cancer up to 2012. It’s an Oil on Canvas 24” x 36.

On the left side you will notice fragments that sum up to 19, that was the number of chemo sessions I received. If you add the scars on the right breast that makes 20, the number of surgeries I had until 2012. Now it’s 25. The red and black sections correspond to ‘The Red Death’ – Adriamycin with Citoxan, the red chemo. She is in a victory pose, celebrating that she lived to tell the tale but some people see that she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. The orb is not the world, but a blue moon backwards as a symbol that your life turns upside down when you face cancer.

The piece belongs now to the Jimenez-Colon Collection, one of the biggest private collections in Puerto Rico”

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