The S.E. of C

By Edwina Maria Thompson

© 2017

So now you know what’s coming,
Chemotherapy and Rads.
You know that there’ll be Side Effects,
You hope they’re not too bad!

You sign your life away next,
Not an easy choice to make.
You know you’re Triple Negative,
Few options there to take!

And so you read the small print,
What was there, I damn near choked.
I couldn’t get my head round it?
The order was a joke!

The side effects are listed,
So you’d think the worst was last.
But there it was, for number two,
It’s Death! Well, what a blast!

Oh, the party carries on.
What a joy all this will be…
Sickness, baldness, diarrhoea,
Loss of.. fertility!?

And then vaginal dryness?
Oh now, that just took the piss!
All the menopausal symptoms,
I’m giving that a miss.

There’s more, it just keeps going…
Other cancers, aches and pains.
Constipation, weight gain, sore mouth?
My soul lies down the drain.

Good god, it makes you wonder,
What the hell we do this for!?
And coz it all takes bloody months,
To others.. we’re a bore.

We do this coz we have to…
Yes, we want to bloody live!
So f**k them all! SE of C,
You won’t hold me captive!

And if you ever wonder,
What this journey gave to me.
Just take some time and Google…
Chemotherapy SE.

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